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Self-conscious Client Experiences Transformation With Hair Loss Stress Gone

March 6th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Nineteen and losing hair fast, Hamish* was constantly conscious that he was the only one his age suffering from this hereditary hair loss disorder. Having begun to lose his hair around his eighteenth birthday, Hamish’s hair was diffuse all over and it had shaken his confidence. With his thinning hair always on his mind, the Ashley and Martin advertising he saw online and on television struck a chord with him. Wanting to know more, he began to research Ashley and Martin; prompted by the fact the treatment was provided by a medical hair loss clinic, Hamish submitted an enquiry online.

Young and self-conscious, Hamish attended his first appointment with his mother along for support. Together they spoke with the consultant about the family’s history of hair loss and discussed the options available to Hamish to combat this problem. In order to intervene in the genetic disorder causing Hamish’s diffuse thinning, the consultant recommended a treatment program comprised of several therapies. Supported by regular low-level laser treatments at the clinic, Hamish’s RealGROWTH® topical solution would encourage new growth while the oral medications worked to inhibit the process causing his hair loss to begin with.

Hamish and his mother went home to digest the information they had learned at his Ashley and Martin appointment. After serious consideration Hamish returned, ready to take the first steps towards regrowing his hair.

Six months after he had initially met his client, Hamish’s consultant could not believe the difference in the young man. With regular treatment at home and in the clinic, Hamish had gone from meek to self-assured. His mousy brown hair had regained not only density, but life. It was an excited young man who viewed his progress photos. The overwhelming difference between the pictures taken at the appointment he had attended with his mother, compared to the ones that day was obvious even without photographic evidence. Aside from treatment times, Hamish did not even think about his hair loss any more.





*name changed to protect privacy