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Case Study: Registered nurse gets medically proven results from his Ashley and Martin clinic

April 27th, 2021 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Ben* had been considering getting some professional advice and treatment for his hair loss for the past six months. Over the last three years he had experienced accelerated shedding and, although he was only in his mid-thirties, his crown was balding and now the hair in his temporal region had receded so much that the baldness was spreading from the temporal region, right up to his crown so that there was only a strip of hair left between the bald spot and the receding hairline.

After researching on the internet, Ben decided that Ashley and Martin hair loss specialists would be the best option for him. He was a registered nurse and felt more inclined to visit a medical clinic with medically proven results rather than some other options that were available.

At his consultation, Ben was diagnosed with Norwood level 4 hair loss…which was consistent with his pattern of shedding. His father and grandfather had both suffered from significant hair loss and Ben was happy that he had found a medical clinic that could address the family trend of baldness and hopefully reverse it. He enrolled onto the 12 month RealGROWTH® treatment plan on the very same day. He was given a tailored medical treatment program and photos were taken of his current state of hair loss for comparison later on. The treatment plan was designed so that it could be implemented at home and then every four months, he would re-visit the clinic for more comparison photos and to discuss any concerns or queries he may have as the treatment plan progressed.

At his four month review Ben was really surprised…but pleasantly so. He knew that the treatment plan had already started to work because he could feel the healthy new re-growth but it had been a gradual day to day process. When he saw the four month progression photos he couldn’t believe the coverage of dense hair that had grown over his crown; it was thick and healthy and Ben was extremely satisfied with the result.

He couldn’t wait to go back for his eight month review and was pleased that he had put his trust in an Ashley and Martin medical hair restoration clinic.

*name changed to protect privacy