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Case Study: Client acts on a referral from his barber…and refers another on to regrowth success

January 6th, 2021 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Simon* was thinning on top. In the past year, he had noticed a significant decrease in hair density on his crown and towards his frontal hairline – his barber had also noticed the shedding. As it turned out, Simon’s barber was being treated at an Ashley and Martin clinic for his own hair loss and recommended that Simon contact the hair loss specialists. Simon trusted his barber immensely and booked his free consultation.

At their first meeting, Simon chatted to his consultant about his family history of hair loss. Both his brothers and his father had suffered varying degrees of hair loss and, at 33 years of age, Simon was hoping to buck the trend.

On examination, his consultant placed his hair loss at a level III Vertex on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale and advised Simon that he should get great results on the twelve month RealGROWTH® medical treatment program which, if adopted early enough, had a 98 per cent success rate – he signed up on the same day.

Just four months into his treatment program, Simon could see results. His widening parting had closed over and he was regrowing a dense covering of thick, healthy hair.

Word of mouth is a powerful recommendation and Simon was very pleased that his  barber had referred him to Ashley and Martin – he  paid that forward with a referral of his own. His friend was suffering similar hair loss and Simon didn’t hesitate in referring him to the clinic the way his barber had done…he knew he would achieve great results.   

*name changed to protect privacy