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Case Study: Inherited hair loss treated by Ashley and Martin

May 9th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Adrian was feeling extremely down about the way he looked. He was only twenty and he already looked so much older thanks to the hair loss he had inherited from his father. With seven uncles, his father and grandfather all suffering from baldness, it was no great shock when his own hair had started to fall out in his late teens.

Adrian worked in a career where he interacted with people every day and prided himself on his appearance. Rather than risk his hair by trying remedies that may or may not work, he came to Ashley and Martin because of the medical nature of the company and the evidence-based treatment.

In his initial consult, he discussed not only the strong genetic ties he has to hair loss but the chronic thyroid conditions he suffered from. His consultant was quick to reassure him that as Ashley and Martin employed medical practitioners to oversee every patient’s treatment, he would be well looked after.

All aspects of the treatment were discussed, including the very good chance Adrian had at regaining all of his lost hair back as he had acted so quickly. Knowing that his hair was important to his confidence levels, Adrian knew he had to act now or regret it. Keen to get started addressing the loss of density he was seeing, Adrian signed up straight away.

As his treatment progressed, Adrian’s confidence grew. The Norwood IIa loss he had inherited was halted in its tracks and before long new hair had begun to grow, filling out the part line that had begun to widen previously. Adrian was thrilled with the results of his treatment, it looked as if his hair loss had never happened.



*name changed to protect privacy