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Case Study: Early Intervention by Ashley and Martin Saves Client’s Hair

June 20th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Harry’s* father had lost his hair. When he noticed the very early signs of hair loss in himself, he knew it was inevitable the same would happen to him. Harry’s older brother had also begun to lose his hair already and at 21 Harry was not ready to resign himself to going bald. While online one evening he decided to find out what could be done about the hair loss he had inherited from his father.

After submitting an online enquiry through Ashley and Martin’s website, he attended a free consultation. He told his consultant that he had only begun to notice the signs of hair loss six months ago but he wanted to act quickly so that it never became an issue. They discussed Harry’s options and before he left the office, Harry signed up for a RealGROWTH® program to treat his developing hair loss.

It was difficult for Harry to monitor his own progress on the program as he had engaged in intervention so early into hair loss. For the first few months he was unsure if it was even working for him. After 16 weeks on the program Harry came back to see his consultant for a progress check-up. He was pleased that his consultant had taken photos from many angles before he had started on the program; they could take more at this appointment and have an objective look at how the program was working. The consultant put his photos up on the computer and together they discussed any differences they could see.

Until now he had not noticed that the slight recession in his temples was beginning to correct itself, his frontal hair line had moved forward to where it had been originally and at the back his hair had regained its former density. With the evidence in front of him, he could see that early intervention had saved his hair.

Harry’s brother had been watching his progress on the program with interest. To him Harry’s results were noticeable enough to prompt him to make an appointment with Ashley and Martin, hoping he too could prevent genetic hair loss.




*name changed to protect privacy