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Case Study: Young Client Knows Exactly Who To Contact When He Reaches His Turning Point

May 19th, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

When 19-year-old Kobe* reached his turning point, he knew who to contact. Having seen Ashley and Martin’s medical hair loss treatment being talked about by people just like him on TV and online, he found the online contact form on the Ashley and Martin website and requested a call from his nearest hair loss clinic.

Kobe had started rapidly losing hair at just 18 years old and in the space of twelve months, he had been left with a sparse covering across his scalp and a deep temporal recession. His consultant had diagnosed him with Norwood stage III androgenic alopecia after a scalp examination and review of his family and relevant medical history. Young, fit, and healthy, the balding that was causing him concern about his appearance had been inherited from his father. The consultant took the time to make sure Kobe understood all aspects of the proposed RealGROWTH® medical hair loss treatment program and encouraged him to ask any questions he could think of. Needing time to think things over, after he had gotten all the information he needed to make an informed decision, Kobe went home to decide if he was ready to go bald.

It did not take Kobe long to realise he did not want to follow in his father’s footsteps so early by going bald before the age of 25. He called the clinic back a week after his initial appointment to make an appointment and begin treating his hair.

Amazed at the dramatic changes that took place in the first sixteen weeks of his treatment, Kobe was thrilled he had decided to take action when he did. Looking at his progress photos with his hair loss consultant, it was like he had never started balding in the first place. The recession in his temples had disappeared and his hair was thick, dense, and healthy all over. He had chosen Ashley and Martin because of the medical nature of the treatment, and now he knew he had been right. Medical hair loss treatment had been the right option for him to regrow hair and keep it.

*name changed to protect privacy