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Case Study: Staff Thrilled to See Confidence Grow In Young Client.

August 14th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Young and low on confidence, Clint* brought his father along to his first Ashley and Martin appointment. His self-esteem had hit rock bottom and the 24-year-old did not even have the faith in himself to speak to someone about his hair loss alone. Clint needed help and he needed it now.

Hair ravaged by two years of androgenic alopecia, Clint and his father were unsure if Clint was the first of his family to suffer with the condition better known as male pattern baldness. They could not recall this happening to anyone else. Sadly for Clint, he was alone in the fact that in just two short years he had gone from having a full head of hair to the Norwood IV loss his consultant was looking at. The consultant knew that if Clint did not act quickly, he would need to resign himself to the fact it would be too late to regrow hair for him.

With hope and his father’s support, Clint signed up and started his medical hair loss treatment that day.

At first, Clint and his family had felt comfortable choosing Ashley and Martin as it was both a medical centre and a trusted name in hair loss treatment. But once both he and his father had experienced the service and treatment process firsthand, Clint tentatively started to attend his appointments alone. Seeing his hair slowly growing back was building Clint’s confidence and as his self-assurance grew Clint began to come out of his shell. The clinic staff were thrilled at seeing the new, more outgoing Clint walk through their doors.

Clint knew it would take time to reverse the damage his aggressive alopecia had done. But he felt thrilled that he had already gotten the excess shedding under control and many of his dormant hair follicles had re-entered their growth phase.

With new growth still to come as he continued his treatment, the sporty young man would soon feel as confident off the field as on.


*name changed to protect privacy