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Case Study: Self Esteem Restored Along With Hair

February 12th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Seventeen. Kurt* had been just seventeen when he had started to lose his hair. With his scalp clearly visible through his dark hair and a deep recession in his temples, Kurt had not even reached 20 by the time his hair loss was so noticeable that he needed to seek help.

For the past six months Kurt had been seeing stories online and on television from Ashley and Martin clients talking about how they regrew their hair. Unable to come to terms with going bald at nineteen years old, Kurt turned to the internet to find out more about how Ashley and Martin could help him.

The consultant he met with examined Kurt’s scalp after chatting about the factors that may be the cause of his hair loss. The overall thinning he was experiencing had not been inherited from family members and Kurt was in good health. He was however under a great deal of stress with his impending exams. The consultant could see how genuinely distressing this situation was to Kurt and reassured him that there was a solution. Explaining each component of the RealGROWTH® program and how it would stop his hair from shedding excessively and promote healthy hair regrowth, the consultant put Kurt’s mind at rest. Young and not wanting to make impulsive decisions, Kurt went home to think things over.

A few days later, Kurt called the clinic to make an appointment with the clinic hair loss doctor to commence his treatment. He had originally chosen Ashley and Martin for his treatment because provided medical treatment, not just supplements and over the counter products he could have found at a chemist. It had been reassuring to find out that consultation with the clinic doctor as needed was included as a standard part of the RealGROWTH® program. And although as he progressed on his program he did not attend the recommended laser therapy appointment as often as he should have, Kurt took his medication and applied his RealGROWTH® solution as his consultant and doctor advised.

Coming to the end of his program, Kurt walked into his consultant’s office a changed young man. Brimming with confidence, he told his consultant that before they had met, his hair loss had made him feel like crying. Now, however, he was over the moon. Happy he had chosen to treat his hair, Kurt’s self-esteem had soared and he was no longer upset about the way he looked in the mirror. And the consultant was thrilled to see his client so happy.

*name changed to protect privacy.