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Case Study: Progress Photos Emphasise Improvement at Ashley and Martin Review

March 1st, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Caleb* wanted to see what Ashley and Martin had to offer when he attended his free consultation. He had seen our advertising on the television and wondered what we could do to help him with the hair loss he had been experiencing for the last three years. Just nineteen at the time, Caleb asked his father, who was also a victim of genetically inherited hair loss, to come with him to his first appointment.

The consultant Caleb and his father met with answered all the questions the pair had about hair regrowth for men in Caleb’s stage of hair loss. The course of action the consultant would recommend to Caleb, were he interested in going ahead and treating his hair after hearing how Ashley and Martin could help, was a RealGROWTH® medications program. This approach would avoid the pitfalls of simply using a medicated foam or shampoo. All aspects of the program would work together to create an environment in which new growth was encouraged and inhibit the 5αR enzyme from disrupting a natural and healthy hair growth cycle.

Insecure about his hair loss and wanting to break the family trait passed down through the generations, Caleb signed up for treatment.

Unsure exactly how effective his treatment plan was being, Caleb attended his first Ashley and Martin Review. His father, who had come with him, thought he could see more hair than Caleb had had previously, but it was the progress photos that really showed Caleb his improvement. Having such fine, blond hair it was difficult to see day to day results, but zooming in on his before and after photos was extremely helpful. Looking at his hair without any product in it now, it was evident that although there was still a way to go, Caleb’s hair was increasing in density. Not only had his previously dormant hair follicles re-entered their active growth phase, but in many areas each follicle was producing multiple strands. Without looking closely, the small, new light hairs were easily overlooked by the naked eye. Seeing the results clearly for the first time, Caleb was glad he had picked up the phone to call Ashley and Martin four months ago.






*name changed to protect privacy