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Case Study: Partner Notices Results of Treatment Before Client’s First Ashley and Martin Review

March 27th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Tory* had begun losing his hair when he was young. Before he had even celebrated his twenty-first birthday he was already suffering with a deep recession in his temples and thinning hair throughout the rest of his crown. Wanting to find a way to keep his hair throughout his youth, Tory searched the internet for an answer to his problem. After learning about hair regrowth for men online, Tory used the online contact form on the Ashley and Martin website to book an appointment at his local clinic.

Meeting with his consultant for the first time, Tory spoke about how his father had lost his hair also. Tory had begun losing his hair almost two years previously and, after a scalp examination, his consultant diagnosed him with male pattern hair loss, Norwood II. Discussing realistic outcomes with Tory, the consultant told him that although there were not many viable hair follicles left in his temporal region, the dormant follicles elsewhere would be able to re-enter a healthy growth cycle.

Tory had only been giving thought to treating his hair for the last eight weeks and wanted a little more time to consider treatment. He went home to think it over. weeks later, Tory returned to see the clinic hair loss doctor and his consultant again. Concerned about his appearance, Tory had decided he was definitely not ready to lose his hair. Having had his medication prescribed by the doctor and all other components of his program issued to him, Tory went home to begin his RealGROWTH® hair regrowth program.

Six months after he had first set foot in his consultant’s office, Tory was back for his first Ashley and Martin Review. He had been unable to attend regular laser therapy appointments, however the beginning of his treatment had still been largely successful. Tory’s progress photos showed exactly what his partner had been noticing. His hair was now growing thick across the entirety of his crown, further regression in his temples had been halted and even reversed a little. Tory was extremely happy with the new hair regrowth he was seeing happen week by week.






*name changed to protect privacy