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Case Study: Lasercap Provides Significant Improvement in Hair Loss

September 7th, 2015 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

A 53 year old female presented to Ashley and Martin with general thinning. This included the front, sides, and top of her scalp. The patient had also noted that the hair began to feel thinner over time. The hair loss had been occurring for about 5 years. The patient had been considering treatment for the full 5 years however, she had not consulted anyone about it. The patient had come in with a family member to translate the initial consultation, so she could fully understand her treatment.

The patient’s nails were also quite brittle. This coincided with the diagnosis of Telogen Effluvium, through a lack of nutrients. A blood test letter was given to the patient; however the patient opted to not have it completed. Ashley and Martin were still able to treat the advanced hair loss, however it was advised to have the bloods completed to also rectify the underlying cause.

The recommended treatment for the patient was the medical device called LaserCap. This was to be used at home either every day for 15 minutes, or every second day for 30 minutes. In addition to this regiment, the patient was advised to take 1 oral supplement per day. The Ashley and Martin Hair Nutrient Complex were given. This was to be consumed once per day with food.

Over a 12 month period, the patient’s hair significantly improved. Especially throughout the hair line and front of the scalp, the patient’s overall hair count had increased. The density had improved, including thickening of the hair along the part and sides. The patient’s hair had become thicker, and hair had regrown where it was visibly thinner.

Both the patient and her family were very happy with the results. Family members continued to come to check-ups to translate for the patient and mentioned how great the results were. The patient will continue treatment for now, to see if any further improvements will follow.