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Case Study: Impossible to Tell Client’s Hair Had Ever Been Thinning After Ashley and Martin Treatment

March 15th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Ivan* was still in his late teens when he noticed his hair start to fall out a little faster than it should. His hair loss had not been rapid, however by the time he was 22 years old, he could see that his hair follicles were spaced further apart than they used to be, especially on his crown.

As so many people do, Ivan took to the internet to look for solutions to hair thinning. It was while he was searching online that Ivan found out about Ashley and Martin. Filling in the short enquiry form quickly, Ivan did not have to wait long for a representative from his local clinic to call him to make an appointment.

Ivan told his consultant that his father had lost his hair and he was now worried about it happening to him too. It concerned him to think about the way hair loss would change the way he looked at such a young age and confessed that he had wanted to treat his hair for about two years now.

The consultant performed a thorough scalp examination, noting the early stage hair loss Ivan had come in with was a level II on the Norwood scale. As he had come to the clinic so early into his hair loss, the consultant was confident that a RealGROWTH® medications program was the best hair loss treatment for Ivan’s situation and would produce outstanding results, increasing Ivan’s hair density to the way it had been before his hair had started to thin.

Ivan booked an appointment to see the clinic doctor and, happy with everything he had been told in both his consult and doctor’s appointment, signed up for treatment. Not wanting to attend the clinic regularly for laser therapy treatments, Ivan purchased a Laser Cap to complement his medications program.

At his first Ashley and Martin Review, Ivan could see that his consultant had been right. His hair density had increased with treatment and it was now impossible to tell that his hair had ever started thinning to begin with. Ivan was thrilled with the outcome of his treatment.






*name changed to protect privacy