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Case Study: Happy Clients Coming Out of Ashley and Martin Are Best Advertising

May 27th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Three years after he had first started to lose his hair, Bruce* walked through the doors to the Ashley and Martin clinic in his home city. He had not called ahead to make an appointment; he was just hopeful that someone would have the time to talk to him about the ever-growing bald patch on his crown. The state of his hair was a constant source of frustration to Bruce who took care of his appearance and trained at the gym daily. His self-esteem was taking a battering.

His father, bald himself, was often in and out of the Ashley and Martin offices on unrelated business. For years he had seen the happy faces of clients walking out the door at the clinic and felt confident in suggesting his son turn to Ashley and Martin for help.

Thankfully for Bruce, a consultant was able to meet with him in short order. Bruce spoke with the consultant about his health, stress levels and family history of hair loss. As not only his father but his grandfather were bald, it came as no surprise to Bruce to receive a diagnosis of male pattern hair loss. Though his hair loss was rather advanced, the consultant was confident positive changes could be achieved using medical hair loss treatment which would result in more hair, and more self-esteem.

Looking at the photos taken of his hair during his first appointment compared to the ones taken that day, Bruce was shocked to see just how thin his hair had gotten before starting his program. The contrast between the photos taken just eight months apart astounded the 29-year-old bodybuilder. Suggesting his son come to Ashley and Martin, Bruce’s father had felt he would be in good hands; he could not have been more right. The changes that Bruce’s advanced Norwood IV loss had undergone during his RealGROWTH® treatment had bolstered his self-esteem. He had no regrets in having just walked into the clinic and signed up there and then.

*name changed to protect privacy