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Case Study: Friends and Family Notice the Difference after Coming to Ashley and Martin.

May 3rd, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Blake* was discussing the state of his hair while he was in getting a haircut.  He told his hair dresser he had tried the over the counter remedies he had found at the chemist but nothing was stopping his hair from falling out, let alone regrowing it.  Blake was feeling he may as well resign himself to the fact he was going to go bald just like his uncle and his grandfather had.

His hairdresser suggested he talk to Ashley and Martin before he gave up trying to keep his hair and that night Blake went home and went online to find out more about the company.  He filled in an online enquiry form while he was there and received a call back to offering him a free consultation to discuss his hair loss.

Blake was unsure if he was going to be suitable for any kind of medical treatment stronger than what he had purchased at the chemist due to his eczema.  He told his consultant about this skin condition.  The consultant reassured him that each medical program was tailored to the individual and the doctor would take his eczema into consideration when deciding what to prescribe for him.  If Blake did have a reaction to the medication the doctor would work with him to find something suitable at no extra cost and furthermore there were clauses to protect him in the RealGROWTH® contract.

Feeling that the consultant had been very forthcoming about the program he was being sold, Blake signed up for a RealGROWTH® program before he left the clinic.

Sixteen weeks later the 22 year old was no longer concerned he was going to go bald early.  His friends were noticing the differencing in his hair and asking him how he was doing it.  His girlfriend, who he knew would love him with or without the treatment, was overjoyed at the success of the program as she knew what it meant to him.  And Blake was happy he had listened to his hairdresser and spoken to Ashley and Martin before it was too late.


*name changed to protect privacy