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Case Study: Concerns About Personal Appearance Dissipate With Successful Ashley and Martin Treatment

December 29th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

For the last four weeks Marcus* had been thinking about treating his hair. Unsure who to speak to, he had tried looking online to find out how to regrow hair. Reading about the efficacy of different hair loss treatments, Marcus came across the Ashley and Martin website. It took less than a minute to fill in the online enquiry form to request an appointment with a hair loss specialist at his local clinic.

Attending his appointment with his girlfriend along for support, Marcus had told his consultant that he thought it had been five or six months since he had begun losing his hair. Looking at his scalp closely during this examination however, it looked to his consultant that the onset of Marcus’ hair loss had been approximately two years ago.

It seemed to the consultant that the best hair loss treatment option for Marcus was a RealGROWTH® medications program. The hair loss products that would be used to regrow hair that had been lost from his crown and frontal hair line were discussed in depth with both Marcus and his girlfriend. The 25 year old was happy with what he had been told but wanted to discuss it further with his girlfriend.

With added time to think about it, Marcus quickly decided he was interested in signing up for treatment. He booked an appointment with the clinic doctor a few weeks after speaking to his consultant.

Over the coming four months Marcus was diligent in his daily treatment routine and it began to pay off. His Norwood level III loss gradually began to decrease; Marcus’ hair becoming thicker and the recession in his temples moving back forward. As his hair returned, Marcus’ concerns about his appearance dissipated and he began to feel more positive about his hair. It felt good that his girlfriend had noticed his hair returning and was happy he was receiving such good results from his program.






*name changed to protect privacy