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Case Study: Client’s Partner Sees Increase in Hair Density After He Attends Ashley and Martin for Treatment

August 24th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Darren* had always know the chances of him experiencing some form of hair loss were quite high.  His father was slightly balding and his grandfather was completely bald.  Working with young people for a living, he felt a youthful appearance helped him build connections with his young charges and worried that his hair loss would impact his ability to do his job as easily.

He had seen Ashley and Martin’s advertising on television and, as he had been thinking about seeking help for quite some time, and went online to find out more about what we could offer.  Darren used the online enquiry system to request a call back and booked an appointment that suited his work hours.

Wanting an impartial decision maker there with him for his appointment, Darren asked his partner to accompany him.  The 30 year old told the consultant he had been losing his hair for roughly three years and he was not happy with the way his thinning hair was prematurely aging him.  The consultant conducted a scalp examination to confirm the cause of Darren’s hair loss.  Substantial thinning from the temples back to the crown and an overall loss in density pointed towards a diagnosis of Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood IV.

Darren and his partner were encouraged to ask questions about the proposed RealGROWTH® treatment program.  The consultant answered all the questions and concerns the couple had and explained all aspects of the treatment plan.  Keen to begin treatment before he lost any more hair, Darren signed up for a RealGROWTH® program.  He realised that with the rapid loss he was experiencing, the longer he waited the more the chances of his regrowing all his hair diminished.

After a couple of months had passed Darren’s partner began to see an increase in his hair.  Darren had already noticed his hair was shedding less and was excited to hear someone else could see the new regrowth he was experiencing.  By the time he attended his first Ashley and Martin Review sixteen weeks after commencing treatment Darren was grinning at the substantial increase in his overall hair density.






*name changed to protect privacy