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Case Study: Client Very Happy with His Decision to use Ashley and Martin for Hair Loss

April 5th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Jayden* thought 23 was far too young to be losing his hair.  It had only been falling out for a year but as soon as it had started to happen Jayden started thinking about getting treatment for the problem.  Jayden called Ashley and Martin for a free consultation after researching hair loss companies in his area online.

Ashley and Martin were Jayden’s first attempt at treating his hair loss and he hoped that we would be his last.  He had only known his father without hair and Jayden was not ready for that to be him.  He told his consultant that he did not like the way his hair loss was impacting the image he presented at work and he was keen to try treatment to keep his long hair.  After conducting a scalp examination and taking all relevant medical, lifestyle and family histories Jayden was diagnosed with Male Pattern Hair Loss, Norwood III.

His consultant offered him a RealGROWTH® plan to treat his hair loss.  Jayden was aware he was being offered prescription medication and would need to see the clinic doctor for a check-up and to have his medications prescribed if he chose to go ahead with a program.  He decided to book in to see the doctor to discuss the treatment further before making a commitment to treatment.  After his doctor’s appointment Jayden decided that medical treatment was the right option for him, however he would not use the Low Level Laser Treatment component of his treatment plan due to time constraints.

Over the coming months Jayden noticed his hair becoming thicker in the front.  The new hair was growing through darker and stronger than it had been for quite some time.  And it wasn’t long before his friends started noticing the regrowth and complimenting him on the changes.  Within 4 months Jayden was telling his consultant that he was “stoked” with the decision to use Ashley and Martin.




*name changed to protect privacy