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Case Study: Client Taken Aback With How Much Hair He Regains For His Wedding

May 6th, 2019 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Ken* was getting married in six months and wanted to look his best for his big day. On top of planning an overseas wedding, Ken was under a great deal of stress from his work in a busy kitchen. From the advertising both on TV and online, Ken knew the name Ashley and Martin when it came time for him to find a hair loss treatment. The 29-year-old had been considering treatment for six months and knew that if he was going to do something, it would be under the care of a hair loss doctor.

Having booked a free consultation online, Ken sat down with a consultant to discuss his situation and find out if it was too late for him to regrow hair again. The aggressive male pattern hair loss Ken was suffering from had ravaged his hair in just three short years. He informed his consultant that he was not the only one in his family to have lost their hair, but for now, he would prefer to keep his. It was not that it had any affect on his sense of self, but he was concerned about his appearance and felt it was not the right time for him to choose baldness.

Fit and healthy, Ken was a good candidate for medical hair regrowth treatment. The consultant explained how, with the clinic hair loss doctor, Ken would be placed on a RealGROWTH® program to treat his Norwood stage III Vertex loss. Confident in the information he had been given and the success rate of the treatment, Ken signed up and was booked in for his first appointment with the clinic doctor.

Five months later at an Ashley and Martin Review appointment, Ken was excited and taken aback. He had been confident in the treatment program, but he had never imagined it working so well or so quickly. He had come to Ashley and Martin because it was a medically sound treatment and was looking at the proof that medical hair loss treatment was the best hair loss treatment available to him.

*name changed to protect privacy