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Case Study: Client Receives Own Hair Regrowth After Husband Uses RealGROWTH

April 22nd, 2020 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Seventy-four-year-old Juliette* decided it was her turn. Her husband had turned to Ashley and Martin when he had been loosing hair over ten years ago and now, five years after she had first noticed her hair own loss, Juliette had gotten up the courage to attend her own initial consultation. After booking and cancelling multiple appointments through a combination of scepticism and nervousness, Juliette decided to finally discuss the increasingly large patches of hair loss she had developed on her crown.

Four years after she had first thought about seeking treatment, Juliette’s hair loss consultant worked with her to conduct a scalp examination and determine the most effective course of action. Characterised by centrifugal loss over the top of the scalp, Juliette’s Ludwig grade III hair loss displayed patches of scalp with complete loss. Unlike her husband’s former hair loss, however, Juliette’s frontotemporal hair line had not been affected. Also different to her husband’s hair loss, was the recommended treatment plan. Explaining to Juliette how targeted nutritional supplements, a specialised scalp hygiene routine, and regular in-home Low Level Laser Therapy treatments would work to slow her shedding to a normal rate and regrow hair where she had lost it, the consultant was confident Juliette would see positive results. She, however, wanted to think it over some more.

Having come to Ashley and Martin both because her husband had recommended the treatment and because the clinic offered medical hair loss solutions, Juliette had not tried any over the counter remedies before meeting with her consultant. However, with all the information the consultant had given her the previous day at her appointment, she felt reassured enough in the treatment to move forward with his recommended course of action. Calling the clinic, Juliette engaged the support she needed to reverse hair loss and regrow hair.

Slightly surprised at how well her treatment had worked, when Juliette returned to see her consultant for a progress review four months after her initial appointment, was she equally happy and disappointed looking at the results. Pleased that the treatment had been so easy and produced such wonderful results, Juliette was disappointed she had cancelled so many appointments and wasted time starting her hair loss treatment.

*name changed to protect privacy