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Case Study: Client Excited for Ashley and Martin Review After Husband Notices Regrowth

December 15th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Over the course of five years Riya’s* hair had gradually become thinner. At first it had barely been noticeable and she did not pay it any mind. However, as time wore on Riya’s hair became sparse; the follicles diffuse and shafts thin. It was not unheard of within her family for women on her mother’s side to lose hair, but the way it affected her appearance was beginning to change the way she felt about herself. Having heard of Ashley and Martin on the TV, Riya contacted us online to request a call back.

With her husband along for support, Riya attended a free consultation at her local Ashley and Martin clinic. Her consultant examined Riya’s scalp and had a conversation about her health and family history of hair loss. Riya’s Ludwig level II hair loss was genetic like she had assumed and her consultant explained how nutritional supplements, topical treatment and Low Level Laser Therapy would help Riya to regain the hair she had lost. Riya and her husband went home to discuss the information they had been given.

A year later Riya decided she was not going to allow her hair to thin any further. The forty-two year old called the clinic and asked to enrol on the treatment plan she had been offered twelve months earlier. After a visit to the clinic GP wherein she, like all women commencing treatment at Ashley and Martin, was sent for blood tests Riya was issued her Laser Cap, RealGROWTH® solution and specially formulated nutritional supplement.

Using her laser cap and medication was a routine that was easy for Riya to fall in to. After a few months of treatment her husband began to notice her hair becoming thicker and Riya was excited for her first Ashley and Martin Review of her progress. After four months Riya’s consultant took photos of her hair as he had done at the time of signing up for treatment. Together they looked at the changes that had taken place and Riya was thrilled with the difference. New hair had grown, decreasing the space between the follicles giving her a pleasing increase in density. Her hair was healthier and Riya was no longer self-conscious about her appearance.






*name changed to protect privacy