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Case Study: Broad Range of Therapies Offered by Ashley and Martin Help Client Address Genetic Hair Loss

April 12th, 2017 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

It was approaching four years since 25 year old Mike* had first become aware of his hair loss. It had taken him a year of consideration before he was finally ready to find a hair loss clinic to help him. After a quick search on the internet, Mike found Ashley and Martin. It took less than a minute to request an appointment by filling out the short contact form on our website.

He spoke with his consultant about the solutions to hair thinning available to him and, after determining the reason behind his Norwood II loss, the consultant offered him a range of therapies that would work in conjunction with one another to address the cause of his hair loss and create a healthy environment for new hair to grow.

The use of anti-androgens and herbal tablets would address the physiological process caused by the genetic hair condition handed down to him by his father. However, to stimulate further hair growth he would need to apply a topical solution as well. Specially formulated cleansing products would ensure his scalp was healthy and new hair would flourish. All these therapies would be supported with regular low level laser treatments in the clinic.

Relieved that he had found the solution to his hair loss so easily, Mike was keen to begin the course of action recommended to him by his consultant. However, being time poor, Mike decided he would purchase his own LaserCap rather than attend the clinic for laser therapy appointments. He enrolled immediately and booked an appointment to see the clinic hair loss doctor.

Mike used his laser cap as directed, was faithful in his use of his medications and sixteen weeks later he was ready to have his first Ashley and Martin Review. Most of Mike’s hair loss was on his crown and it had been hard to see any changes happening. Comparing the photos taking before he started his program with the ones taken today really highlighted the increase in density that had taken place. Mike had been concerned about his appearance when he had first come to Ashley and Martin, but now, with his scalp covered in new hair, he was very happy with the results of his program.






*name changed to protect privacy