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Case Study: Ashley and Martin’s RealGROWTH has Client Looking and Feeling Like Younger Self

December 5th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Amanda had been battling a thyroid issue for the past six years.  Although she had been undergoing treatment the entire time, the effects of this hormone imbalance had left her hair thin and lifeless.  Following the birth of her last child, her hair quality had decreased even further.

Devoted to her family and career as a health care professional, Amanda’s time was taken up caring for her family and her patients at work.  Busy looking after everyone but herself, Amanda had not given time to addressing her hair loss when it had first arisen five years ago.  Emotionally unequipped to be able to continue dealing with her thinning hair and the disappointment of over the counter solutions that did not work, Amanda turned to a medical hair loss centre.  As a professional in health care, it was important to her that the medical treatment she used had evidence to back up its claims.  Ashley and Martin fit the bill.

After listening to her story and examining her diffuse hair, the Ashley and Martin consultant laid out the treatment options to Amanda and invited her to ask any questions she may have.  Amanda was thrilled to find that her treatment could be conducted entirely from the comfort of her own home, without the need to take up more of her limited time travelling to the clinic.  Her consultant would be available any time she needed him, however she would be in control of her treatment schedule.

Amanda found her daily treatment routine easy to fit into her active lifestyle as a working mother.  The beauty of adding the portable home laser device to her program was that she did not need to find time to attend the clinic or sit down in one place to be able to use it.  If history had shown her anything it was that she would end up prioritising someone else’s needs above her treatment if she had needed to do this.

By the time Amanda booked her first Ashley and Martin progress review, the thirty-three-year-old was astounded at how much hair had grown back.  Her hair was not only more dense, but the hair follicles themselves were thicker.  The shine and body had returned, and Amanda felt and looked like her younger self.



*Name changed to protect privacy