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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Client Receives Compliments from Friends on His Regrowth

September 6th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Reed* wasn’t especially concerned about his appearance but he did not like the way his hair loss was ageing him.  He was only 32 years old but felt he looked at least ten years older.  When an advert for Ashley and Martin came on the television he decided it was worth having a quick chat to someone to find out if anything could be done about his own situation.  He grabbed his phone and, while watching television that night, went online to find out more about Ashley and Martin.

Using the online enquiry system on Ashley and Martin’s website Reed booked an appointment with a Hair Loss Consultant.  Meeting with his consultant for the first time, Reed told him that he had been losing his hair for only two years; however he felt as if it looked like it had been happening much longer with the amount of damage done.  He wasn’t aware of any other men in his family it had happened to so wasn’t sure it was a genetic condition.  The consultant conducted a scalp examination; looking at the diffuse patterning that appeared to start at the temples making its way steadily back through the frontal hair to the crown the consultant could see it was genetic.  He explained to Reed that the gene could lay dormant or he could simply be the first one in his genetic line to develop the condition.   After discussing the causes of his hair loss, the consultant presented Reed with an option to treat his hair loss.  Reed kept his body in good shape by participating in sports training on a regular basis, now that he had a way to keep his hair from falling out he resolved to take it.

Reed opted to treat his hair loss with a RealGROWTH® medications program and four months after commencement of treatment he returned to for his scheduled Ashley and Martin Review. Reed could see that the density of his hair had increased when he looked at his progress photos.  In the original photos his hair was spaced much further apart, now he could see that new hair had begun to fill in the gaps and more than one hair was growing from each follicle.  He told the consultant how good it felt that his friends had been commenting on how good and thick his hair was looking.  They had even mentioned it made him look younger.






*name changed to protect privacy.