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Case Study: Ashley and Martin Client Feels Fully Supported During Hair Loss Treatment

April 19th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Theo* was told he had his father’s hairline from an early age and although his father had lost his hair, Theo had never though he would have an issue with his hair also.  As he approached his 30’s Theo started noticing his hair become steadily thinner.  At 30 Theo saw a photograph of himself which had been taken while he was looking down, it was then that he truly noticed how thin his hair had become.  Finding this quite depressing Theo immediately went online to make an enquiry with Ashley and Martin.

Concerned about his appearance and thinking of the increased confidence that would accompany the regrowth of his hair Theo felt reassured as he discussed the consultant’s own experience with hair loss and results he had personally achieved using the RealGROWTH® program.  His diagnosis of Male Pattern Hair Loss confirmed what Theo already knew, he had inherited his father’s hairline after all. Having discussed the effect of androgens on his hair growth cycle and the way in which Ashley and Martin’s hair regrowth treatment would break this cycle, Theo decided he needed a little time to think it over having only started thinking about treatment 2 weeks earlier.

In the end it was knowing that results could be guaranteed to him which relieved Theo of any concerns about going ahead with treatment.  Six weeks later he returned to see his consultant to go ahead with treatment.  His program was to consist of oral anti-androgens, nutritional supplements, specialised hygiene products and regular laser treatments.  Coming in to the clinic weekly for laser treatments Theo found the staff were helpful and friendly, calling him by name as he entered and keeping an eye on his progress at all stages.

Feeling fully supported in his treatment and seeing the results he had achieved when meeting with his consultant for his 4 month check-up Theo said  he now walks in each week with his head held high, extremely happy with his decision to not only do something about his hair loss, but to get in early when he first started to notice it and his decision to choose Ashley and Martin.




*name changed for privacy reasons