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Case Study: Aggressive Hair Loss Treated at Ashley and Martin

November 30th, 2016 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Max* had been suffering from aggressive hair loss for three years. It had been quite a shock to see his hair disappear so quickly, especially as he was only 22 when the loss had first started. The Ashley and Martin adverts he had seen on the television had piqued his interest in getting treatment for his condition. For six months Max thought about contacting Ashley and Martin. And for six months his hair continued to get thinner. When, at 25, he called Ashley and Martin the damage done to his hair by his genes was extensive.

Discussing his condition with his consultant, Max said his hair loss was something he thought he had inherited from his father. As Max was in good health with manageable stress levels, his consultant was inclined to agree. The scalp examination he had performed had shown the pattern of loss Max was experiencing to be in line with Male Pattern Hair Loss. The advanced stage of his loss placed Max at a level IV on the Norwood Hair Loss Scale.

Each of the hair growth products included in the recommended RealGROWTH® program were laid out for Max. The treatment plan was designed to stop the unacceptably high rate of shedding and re-establish a healthy hair growth cycle. Knowing it would take him some time to achieve the maximum amount of hair regrowth possible using a medical treatment plan, his consultant laid out a realistic time frame for the expected outcomes. Max was not surprised that it would take some time to regrow as much hair as he had lost and was happy to go ahead with the hair loss treatment that had been suggested.

Unfortunately Max did not manage to attend regular laser therapy appointments at the hair loss clinic; however he did take his medication diligently. Twelve weeks after commencing treatment, he attended his first Ashley and Martin Review. He was gratified to see his hair had thickened up so much already. He had noticed the hair fall had slowed to a natural rate and looking at his progress photos he could see that his hair follicles were spaced much closer together now. It was intriguing to wonder what his next Ashley and Martin Review would show.






*name changed to protect privacy