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Case Study: Client avoids surgery through Ashley and Martin

March 28th, 2018 by Ashley and Martin Case Studies in Case Studies

Four months ago, 21-year-old Tom was so desperate to solve his hair loss problems that he was ready to engage the services of a hair transplant surgeon. Whilst living interstate he had tried addressing his male pattern hair loss with a non-medical hair loss company. He had, however, been left completely dissatisfied with both the results and the service he had received.

Still a very young man and frustrated with the impact his genetic disorder was having on his appearance, Tom spoke with an Ashley and Martin consultant only eight weeks after relocating. He confided that he had been losing his hair for almost three years, having started to notice the loss when he was only eighteen. He was anxious to stop the loss before it was too late.

Tom’s consultant understood his frustration and urgency. As a young man himself, his consultant had come to Ashley and Martin as a client. The RealGrowth® had worked so well for him that ten years on he had no qualms recommending it as an Ashley and Martin consultant.

The consultant explained that the RealGrowth® program was designed to stabilise and improve the density of Tom’s thinning crown. The process was explained in detail and Tom given the opportunity to ask any questions he had of his consultant. Before coming to Ashley and Martin for his initial appointment Tom had spoken with a hair transplant surgeon; he took the information he had been given by his consultant home to weigh up his options.

Just five days later Tom had made a decision. Before embarking on expensive surgery he would try the RealGrowth® program to see what results could be gained from less invasive medical intervention.

Over the span of the next four months, the combination of oral, topical and laser treatments worked exactly the way his consultant had said it would. Tom began to see his hair return, filling out his crown and giving his hair a thicker appearance overall. For Tom, the decision to use Ashley and Martin had given him peace of mind as well as his hair back.





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